What rhymes with fs?

List of words that rhyme with fs in our rhyming dictionary.

Fs rhymes with:

adolf's, allographs, allomorphs, autographs, bailiffs, bake-offs, bas-reliefs, beefs, beliefs, bluffs, braniff's, briefs, buff's, buffs, calf's, castoffs, chafes, chef's, chefs, chief's, chiefs, chiefs', cliff's, cliffs, cliffs', coughs, cref's, cuffs, cutoffs, debriefs, delfs, dethlefs, doffs, drop-offs, dropoffs, dwarfs, dyestuffs, earmuffs, elf's, enough's, epitaphs, f's, f.'s, falstaff's, fiefs, fisticuffs, flagstaffs, fluffs, foodstuffs, fraph's, freehoff's, fyffes, gaffes, gandalf's, giraffes, golf's, golfs, goofs, gradovs, graphs, gulf's, gulfs, hafif's, half's, handcuffs, handkerchiefs, hieroglyphs, hoefs, hoelterhoff's, hoofs, huff's, huffs, ifs, inhofe's, intergraph's, jeff's, jeffs, joseph's, josephs, kerchiefs, khasbulatov's, knockoffs, laughs, layoffs, leafs, leff's, life's, lifes, liffe's, lithographs, loafs, loosestrifes, mastif's, mastifs, mcauliffe's, morphs, motifs, muffs, nixdorf's, nymphs, o'keeffe's, off's, offs, olof's, orloff's, paragraphs, payoffs, petroglyphs, phonographs, photographs, plaintiff's, plaintiffs, plaintiffs', plantiffs, playoffs, polygraphs, pontiff's, profs, proofs, puffs, ralph's, ralphs, ratliffe's, rebuffs, reefs, reliefs, ricklefs, riffs, ripoffs, roelofs, rohlfs, rolfes, rolfs, roofs, rough's, safes, scarfs, schoenhof's, schulhaufs, schwarzkopf's, scoffs, seawolf's, self's, selfs, selloffs, serfs, sheriff's, sheriffs, skiffs, sloughs, smurfs, sniffs, snuffs, sosnoff's, spinoffs, spoofs, staff's, staffs, standoffs, steffes, stiffs, stouffs, strifes, stuff's, stuffs, surf's, takeoffs, tariffs, tarnoff's, tartikoff's, tartikoffs, telegraph's, thief's, tiaacref's, toughs, tradeoffs, triumphs, troughs, wharf's, wharfs, wife's, wolf's, wolfe's, writeoffs, yousef's, yusef's, ziff's

Fs sounds like:

f's, f.'s, faas, fac, face, faces, facey, facie, fag, fagg, fags, fahs, fake, fakes, fasick, fasig, faso, faso's, fass, faubus, faucheux, fauci, faus, fausey, fauss, faux, favazza, fawbush, fawkes, fax, faxes, fay's, faye's, fayez, faz, faze, fazekas, fazio, fazzio, fe's, feces, feck, feeback, feebis, fees, feese, feick, feig, feige, feis, fejes, fescue, fess, fez, fiacco, fiasco, fiascos, fica, ficco, ficek, fichus, fick, ficke, fickes, fico, fiebig, fiefs, fig, figg, figge, figgie, figgie's, figgs, figs, fiji, fiji's, fike, fikes, fipps, fis, fisc, fisch, fiscus, fish, fish's, fishes, fishy, fisk, fisk's, fiske, fiske's, fiss, five's, fiveash, fives, fix, fixes, fizz, fobbs, fobes, focaccia, focus, focuses, foes, fog, fogg, fogg's, foggy, fogs, fogy, foisy, fooks, foos, foose, fooshee, fosco, foshee, fosia, foskey, foss, fosse, fossey, fossey's, fouch, fouche, fouse, fousek, foushee, fowkes, fox, fox's, foxes, foxx, foxy, fsi, fucci, fuchs, fuchsias, fuck, fucks, fugazy, fuge, fugue, fugues, fuhs, fuji, fuji's, fujii, fujikawa, fujio, fujioka, fujis, fujisawa, fujiya, fuke, fukowoka, fukui, fukuoka, fuoco, fuoss, fuqua, fuquay, fusco, fuse, fuses, fuss, fusses, fussy, fuzes, fuzz, fuzzy, fyffes, fyke, fyock

What rhymes with fs?