What rhymes with obtuse?

List of words that rhyme with obtuse in our rhyming dictionary.

Obtuse rhymes with:

abstruse, abuse, asmus, boose, bruce, caboose, cheuse, coos, cruce, damoose, deduce, derousse, deuce, deuss, diffuse, disabuse, disuse, doose, druce, duce, ekeus, excuse, foose, fuoss, goose, hoose, induce, introduce, juice, labouisse, lajous, loose, luce, moose, mousse, noose, nous, overproduce, preuss, produce, profuse, pruess, recluse, reduce, reintroduce, reproduce, reuse, reuss, ruess, seduce, seuss, sluice, spruce, truce, tyus, use, vanhoose, yous, zeus

Obtuse sounds like:

obits, obviates, opdyke, opiates, opitz, optek, optic, optica, optics, opts, optus, ovett's, oviatt's, ovitt's, ovitz, ovitz's

What rhymes with obtuse?