What rhymes with sluice?

List of words that rhyme with sluice in our rhyming dictionary.

Sluice rhymes with:

loose, luce, recluse, abstruse, abuse, asmus, boose, bruce, caboose, cheuse, coos, cruce, damoose, deduce, derousse, deuce, deuss, diffuse, disabuse, disuse, doose, druce, duce, ekeus, excuse, foose, fuoss, goose, hoose, induce, introduce, juice, labouisse, lajous, loose, luce, moose, mousse, noose, nous, obtuse, overproduce, preuss, produce, profuse, pruess, recluse, reduce, reintroduce, reproduce, reuse, reuss, ruess, seduce, seuss, spruce, truce, tyus, use, vanhoose, yous, zeus

Sluice sounds like:

sails, sal's, salacious, salak, salas, salaz, salce, sale's, salek, sales, sales', salick, salis, salk, salk's, sallas, salles, sallies, sallis, salls, sally's, salois, saloojee, salsa, salus, salz, sauls, sayles, scales, scalese, scalia's, scalise, scalisi, scalzi, scalzo, schalk, schallock, schellhase, schielke, schilke, schillaci, schilz, schlack, schlag, schlake, schlauch, schleich, schleis, schleswig, schlick, schlock, schloss, schlough, scholes, scholz, scholze, school's, schoolhouse, schools, schools', schuelke, schulke, schulz, schulze, scillas, scoles, sculley's, seagull's, seagulls, seal's, seales, sealey's, sealock, seals, seashells, seelig, seelig's, segalas, seils, selas, selassie, selchow, seles, seles', selies, selies', selig, seliga, seljuk, selk, selke, selleck, sellick, sells, selowsky, selz, seoul's, sequels, sexless, seychelles, shackles, shalala's, shales, shall's, shashlik, shaulis, shawls, sheila's, sheils, shekels, shell's, shelley's, shells, shellshock, shiels, shlaes, shoals, shoelace, shoelaces, sholes, shylock, sickels, sickles, siegel's, sielski, silas, silcox, silesia, silex, silga, silica, silk, silkey, silks, silky, sills, silos, siskel's, skalicky, skalski, skalsky, skeels, skiles, skills, skoczylas, skulk, skulls, skyles, slack, slacks, slag, slash, slashes, slaugh, sleaze, sleazy, sleek, sleigh, slezak, slice, slices, slick, slicks, sligh, slog, slosh, sloss, slouch, slouches, slough, sloughs, slowik, slows, slug, sluga, sluggish, slugs, sluka, slush, sluss, socialize, sociology, soil's, soils, sokolik, sokoloski, sokolow's, sokolowski, solace, solak, solazzo, solchaga, solecki, soles, soliloquize, soliloquy, solis, soliz, sollish, solos, soules, souljah, soulless, souls, sowles, squalls, squeals, squelch, squiggles, squillace, sulak, sulawesi, sulek, suleski, sulewski, sulik, sulk, sulkowski, swailes, swails, swales, swallows, swells, szalkowski, szeliga, szilagyi

What rhymes with sluice?