What rhymes with father?

List of words that rhyme with father in our rhyming dictionary.

Father rhymes with:

bother, strother, altogether, another, atither, bather, bellwether, birdfeather, bither, blather, bother, breather, brother, cather, crowther, dither, either, fairbrother, fairweather, farther, feather, forefather, further, futher, gather, genther, get-together, ginther, godfather, godmother, grandfather, grandmother, grether, guinther, heather, hesther, hither, huether, koether, kuether, lather, lawther, leather, lowther, mather, mayweather, meriweather, meriwether, merriweather, merriwether, mother, neither, nether, norther, nother, oldfather, other, prather, raether, rather, reither, reuther, roether, ryther, sather, seither, sether, slather, slither, smather, smither, smoother, smother, souther, starkweather, stepfather, stepmother, stikeleather, strother, suther, tether, together, weather, werther, whether, whither, wither, wrather, yother, zither

Father sounds like:

fader, fatheree, fatter, feather, feathery, feature, fedder, feder, federer, fedor, fedora, feeder, feodor, feodora, fetrow, fetter, fidder, fidora, fitter, fitterer, fittro, fodder, fodera, fodor, footer, footware, footwear, futher, future, fyodor

What rhymes with father?