What rhymes with give?

List of words that rhyme with give in our rhyming dictionary.

Give rhymes with:

forgive, misgive, forgive, liv, misgive, outlive, relive, sieve, viv, ziv

Give sounds like:

gab, gaba, gabay, gabby, gabe, gabie, gaby, gaf, gaff, gaffe, gaffey, gap, gape, gapp, gappa, gasify, gasp, gaspe, gaub, gave, gebbia, gebbie, gebo, geib, geoff, geva, giacobbe, giap, gib, gibb, gibby, gibe, gibeau, giff, giffy, gipe, gipp, giuseppe, giveaway, gob, gobi, gobie, gobioff, goff, goof, goofy, goop, goosby, gopi, gossip, gossipy, gouvea, gouveia, gov, gove, govea, guava, guba, guff, guffaw, guffey, guffy, guppy, gyp

What rhymes with give?