What rhymes with revive?

List of words that rhyme with revive in our rhyming dictionary.

Revive rhymes with:

survive, alive, arrive, c5, clive, clyve, connive, contrive, deprive, derive, dive, dr, drive, five, hive, i've, jive, live, m5, o'five, shive, strive, survive, thrive

Revive sounds like:

raab, raabe, raap, rab, rabb, rabbi, rabe, rabey, rabi, raboy, raby, raf, rafe, raff, raffa, raffi, raffo, rafi, raiff, rap, rape, rapp, rappa, rappe, rarefy, raub, raup, raupp, rave, ravi, rb, reap, rearview, reave, reba, rebbe, rebo, rebuff, reeb, reef, reep, reeve, ref, refah, reff, rehab, reif, reiff, rep, rep., repap, repay, reph, repo, repp, rev, reva, review, revue, rib, riba, ribi, riebe, rief, riepe, rife, riff, riffe, riffey, rip, ripa, ripe, ripoff, ripp, rippe, rippee, rippey, rippy, riva, rob, robb, robbe, robbie, robby, robe, robey, robia, robie, robo, roby, roff, roffe, roof, roop, roope, rope, ropp, roupe, rove, rpf, rub, rubbia, rubbo, rube, rubey, rubi, rubia, rubie, rubio, ruby, rueb, ruef, rueff, ruf, rufe, ruff, ruffo, rufo, rufow, ruoff, rupe, rupee, ruphy, rupiah, rupp, ruppe, ryava, ryave, ryba, ryobi

What rhymes with revive?