What rhymes with revise?

List of words that rhyme with revise in our rhyming dictionary.

Revise rhymes with:

devise, advise, devise, vies, advise, ais, ally's, applies, apprise, arise, ayes, baptize, belies, bies, bise, buy's, buys, chastise, chi's, complies, comprise, cries, crise, decries, decriminalize, deffeyes, defies, demise, denies, despise, devise, di's, dies, disguise, dries, dyes, eis, emprise, eye's, eyes, eyes', flies, fries, fry's, geis, goodbyes, gries, grise, guise, guy's, guys, guys', highs, hise, i's, i.'s, i.s, implies, incise, ise, july's, kise, kleis, knies, krise, kyes, lies, lise, mcfly's, mies, mihai's, misapplies, mize, nies, nuys, oversize, pies, pint-size, plies, pries, prize, red-eyes, relies, replies, reprise, ries, rise, schleis, sensationalize, shanghai's, shies, sighs, size, skies, sky's, spies, spy's, supplies, supply's, surmise, surprise, thai's, thais, theis, thighs, ties, tries, tsai's, underlies, unwise, upsize, vanhise, vies, why's, whys, wies, wise, wyse, y's, y.'s

Revise sounds like:

raab's, rabago, rabbis, rabes, rabies, rabuck, rabuka, raffi's, raffish, rafik, rafuse, rapacious, rapacz, rapes, rapoca, raposa, raposo, rapoza, rapozo, raps, ravage, ravages, raves, ravi's, raybuck, rayovac, reaps, reaves, reavis, reback, rebbe's, rebecca, rebecca's, rebeck, rebeka, rebekka, rebook, rebuck, rebuffs, rebuke, rebukes, rebus, reeb's, reebok, reebok's, reeboks, reebs, reebs', reefs, reeves, reeves', reeves's, refco, refocus, refocuses, refuge, refuge's, refugee, refugees, refugees', refuges, refugio, refuse, refuses, rep's, repack, repackage, repackages, repasky, repass, repays, repka, repko, repos, reposa, repose, repossess, reppucci, reps, revak, revco, revco's, reves, review's, reviews, revis, revises, revives, revoke, revs, revues, ribas, ribka, ribs, rieves, riffs, ripka, ripke, ripoffs, rips, rivas, rives, rob's, roback, robak, robb's, robbie's, robbs, robby's, robeck, robes, robichaux, robicheaux, robishaw, robs, robuck, roebke, roebuck, roebuck's, roepke, rohrbach, rohrback, rohrbaugh, rohrbough, roofs, ropak, ropes, rops, rorabaugh, ruback, rubbish, rubeck, rubies, rubik, rubik's, rubios, rubis, rubs, ruby's, rufus, rupees, ruposi, ryback, rybacki, rybak, rybicki, rybka

What rhymes with revise?