What rhymes with windes?

List of words that rhyme with windes in our rhyming dictionary.

Windes rhymes with:

wind's, winds, hindes, hynds, lynds, rescinds, wind's, winds, abounds, absconds, almonds, amends, ands, arends, armbands, ascends, ashland's, astounds, attends, backends, backgrounds, badlands, band's, bands, battlegrounds, befriends, behinds, behrends, bends, berends, binds, blends, blinds, blonde's, blondes, blonds, bloodhounds, bond's, bonds, bonds', bookends, bookstands, borland's, bounds, bownds, boyfriends, brand's, brandes, brands, brands', bunds, campgrounds, cleveland's, command's, commands, commends, compounds, comprehends, computerland's, confounds, contends, copeland's, corresponds, cybertrends, defends, demands, depends, descends, diamond's, diamonds, dividend's, dividends, docklands, drummonds, dumbfounds, eastland's, edmands, edmonds, edmunds, ends, england's, englands, errands, eurobonds, expands, expounds, extends, fagundes, fairgrounds, falklands, farmhands, farmlands, fends, fiends, finds, finland's, firebrands, flatlands, forehands, friend's, friends, friends', fronds, fund's, funds, funds', gamunde's, girlfriend's, girlfriends, glands, godsends, goodfriends, grand's, grands, grasslands, greyhound's, grinds, grounds, grummond's, hammonds, hands, handstands, headbands, headwinds, hernandes, highlands, hillenbrand's, hindes, hinds, hinterlands, hoglund's, hoglunds, holland's, hollands, homeland's, homelands, hounds, hulond's, humankind's, husband's, husbands, husbands', hynds, impounds, inland's, intends, ireland's, irelands, island's, islands, islands', kinds, kirkland's, land's, landes, lands, lands', lbs, legends, leibrand's, lemonds, lends, ligands, lowlands, lybrand's, lynds, mankind's, mankinds, marshlands, maryland's, masterminds, meadowlands, midland's, midlands, milliseconds, mind's, minds, misunderstands, mitterand's, mitterrand's, monds, moorland's, moorlands, mounds, nanoseconds, neighmond's, netherlands, netherlands', newsstands, nightstands, oakland's, offends, ormand's, ormond's, osmonds, outspends, overextends, overspends, pickands, playgrounds, poland's, pond's, ponds, portends, portland's, pound's, pounds, pretends, quicksands, rand's, rands, rebounds, recommends, refunds, reminds, reprimands, rescinds, resendes, responds, rhode-island's, richmond's, rinds, rolland's, round's, rounds, rowland's, rowlands, sand's, sands, schneidewind's, scotland's, sealand's, second's, seconds, sends, shadowlands, shands, simmonds, simonds, sound's, sounds, southland's, spacebands, spends, stagehands, stands, stipends, strands, streisand's, surrounds, suspends, sutherland's, switzerland's, symmonds, symonds, tambrands, tends, thailand's, thousands, thurmond's, timberlands, tolland's, townsend's, transcends, trends, turnarounds, understands, uplands, vagabonds, vigeland's, viglund's, wands, weekend's, weekends, wends, wetlands, wetlands', wigand's, wind's, winds, withstands, woodlands, woodwinds, wounds, zealand's, zounds

Windes sounds like:

wandis, wands, wantage, wantages, wants, wantz, weintz, weintz', weintz's, wenatchee, wends, wendy's, wentz, wind's, windhoek, windisch, windish, windows, winds, winnetka, wintz, winwood's, wometco, wounds

What rhymes with windes?