What rhymes with shreve?

List of words that rhyme with shreve in our rhyming dictionary.

Shreve rhymes with:

shreeve, aggrieve, greave, greve, grieve, maharive, reave, reeve, reprieve, retrieve, shreeve

Shreve sounds like:

sacirbey, sakharov, sarabia, saravia, sarff, scarf, scarff, scarfo, scarp, scarpa, scerbo, scharf, scharfe, scharff, scharp, scharpf, scherb, scherf, scherff, schroff, schropp, schrupp, scorpio, scrap, scrape, scrappy, scribe, scrip, scripp, scrub, scrubby, scruffy, seagrave, seagrove, serb, serbia, serf, serpa, serpe, serv, serve, serviou, servo, sharf, sharif, sharp, sharpe, sharpie, sharpy, sherfey, sheriff, sherriff, sherva, shorb, shreeve, shroff, shrub, shrubby, siravo, skorupa, sorbo, sourby, sroufe, sukharev, surf, survey, survive, swerve, syrup, szczerba

What rhymes with shreve?