What rhymes with waive?

List of words that rhyme with waive in our rhyming dictionary.

Waive rhymes with:

quave, shortwave, wave, aftershave, behave, brave, cave, concave, crave, dave, deprave, engrave, enslave, fave, forgave, gave, grave, knave, kunaev, lafave, lave, lefave, mave, mcclave, misbehave, nave, pave, quave, rave, save, schave, shave, shortwave, slave, stave, they've, unfav, wave

Waive sounds like:

wah-pei, waif, wave, wavy, we've, weave, web, webb, weep, weepy, whiff, whip, whipp, who've, whoop, whoopee, whoopi, whoopie, wiebe, wife, wipe, wipf, wobbe, woof, wop, wove

What rhymes with waive?