What rhymes with nave?

List of words that rhyme with nave in our rhyming dictionary.

Nave rhymes with:

knave, kunaev, aftershave, behave, brave, cave, concave, crave, dave, deprave, engrave, enslave, fave, forgave, gave, grave, knave, kunaev, lafave, lave, lefave, mave, mcclave, misbehave, pave, quave, rave, save, schave, shave, shortwave, slave, stave, they've, unfav, waive, wave

Nave sounds like:

naab, nab, nabb, nabi, nabob, naef, naeve, naff, naify, naive, nambi, namibia, namphy, nanobaby, nap, napa, napea, napp, nappa, nappi, nappo, nav, nava, navy, neave, neeb, neef, neff, nepa, nephew, neuhoff, neva, neve, neveau, neveu, newbie, newby, newwave, nib, nibbe, niehoff, nimby, nineveh, nip, nipp, nippy, nobbe, nobuo, nope, nouveau, nov, nova, novey, novi, novia, novo, novoa, novy, nub, nuevo, numb, nuova, nuovo, nymph

What rhymes with nave?