What rhymes with corrosive?

List of words that rhyme with corrosive in our rhyming dictionary.

Corrosive rhymes with:

erosive, explosive, plosive, abrasive, abusive, adhesive, aggressive, allusive, apprehensive, coercive, cohesive, collusive, comprehensive, compulsive, conclusive, conducive, convulsive, counteroffensive, decisive, defensive, depressive, derisive, discursive, dismissive, dispersive, divisive, effusive, elusive, erosive, evasive, excessive, exclusive, expansive, expensive, explosive, expressive, extensive, hypertensive, illusive, impassive, impressive, impulsive, incisive, inclusive, inconclusive, indecisive, inexpensive, inoffensive, intensive, intrusive, invasive, massive, missive, nonexclusive, nonresponsive, obsessive, obtrusive, offensive, oppressive, passive, pensive, permissive, persuasive, pervasive, plosive, possessive, progressive, recessive, reclusive, reflexive, regressive, repressive, repulsive, responsive, submissive, subversive, successive, superabrasive, unimpressive, unobtrusive, unresponsive

Corrosive sounds like:

carkhuff, chrisp, coercive, corcap, cresap, crespi, crespo, crisafi, crisp, crispo, crispy, crosbey, crosbie, crosby, crossbow, crucify

What rhymes with corrosive?